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Student Spotlight Nomination

Riley Schaar-Ney: A Rising Star in Sherwood Heights Takes the Stage in Matilda JR.

In the bustling halls of Sherwood Heights, a young talent is stepping into the limelight. Meet Riley Schaar-Ney, a Grade 7 student and a budding actress who has recently earned a role in the upcoming play "Matilda JR." at Festival Place, presented by the Festival Players. As the play prepares to enchant audiences from February 16-19, Riley will get the opportunity to showcase her talents on a local stage.

"Matilda JR." brings the enchanting world of Roald Dahl's classic story to life on stage, featuring a book by Dennis Kelly and music and lyrics by Tim Minchin. Originating from a full-length musical that wowed audiences on the West End in 2011 and later on, Broadway in 2013, this adaptation has earned accolades, including seven Olivier Awards and five Tony Awards, solidifying its place as a theatrical masterpiece.

Riley has not just landed one, but three roles in the production. To secure her place in the cast, this triple-threat actor faced auditions that required her to sing a song and recite a monologue, a process that tested both her vocal and acting prowess. As part of the ensemble, Riley's role involves intricate choreography, adding another layer of complexity to her performance. Rehearsing three nights a week, she dives into the fast-paced dance routines, demonstrating resilience and a commitment to perfecting every aspect of her role. While the choreography has presented its challenges, Riley's determination shines through as she embraces the opportunity for growth.

Riley's journey began with trepidation. The fear of auditioning is a common hurdle for many aspiring actors, and Riley was no exception. However, her bravery in facing that initial fear has not only earned her a place in the play but has also led to the formation of meaningful friendships with her fellow cast members. The new friends she’s made has been the best part of her experience so far.

As she reflects on her audition experience, she shares valuable advice for fellow young actors. Her message is clear: don't be overly concerned about landing roles right away, and don't let the fear of rejection deter you from pursuing your passion. Riley encourages aspiring actors to keep trying, keep auditioning, and to embrace the journey of growth that comes with each experience.

As the curtains rise on "Matilda JR." at Festival Place, our eyes will be on Riley Schaar-Ney, a Grade 7 student from Sherwood Heights School, who is bringing her passion, talent, and enthusiasm to the stage. Riley's journey is not just a personal triumph but a celebration of the vibrant, local theater community that nurtures young talent. As she takes part in this  production, Riley's performance promises to be a highlight, inspiring other young actors to pursue their dreams with courage and resilience. Sherwood Heights School can certainly be proud of Riley Schaar-Ney, a rising star in the making. The public can purchase tickets through the box office at Festival Place or on their website. Let’s sell out the show and show our support for Riley!


Tyson Hartmann

Tyson Hartmann: Football Prodigy

Tyson Hartmann, a grade 9 football student from Sherwood Heights Junior High, is not just a local football star but a rising talent making waves on a broader stage.

Last week, Tyson was awarded the MVP award for the Sherwood Park Rams. This comes as no surprise, as Tyson led the league in yards and led his team in touchdowns and the longest touchdown this season. Tyson's football career is marked not only by his exceptional on-field performances with the Rams but also by his recruitment to play with the prestigious U of A Golden Bears International Selects team for the winter season. This elite team is a testament to Tyson's skill and potential, offering him the chance to compete at an international level. An upcoming trip to Florida in February in a tournament and the chance to train at IMG, the premier private football school in America, is a unique opportunity to showcase his abilities on a global stage.

Tyson's journey in football spans five years, a testament to his long-standing commitment and passion for the sport. Over the years, he has honed his skills, developed a deep understanding of the game, and emerged as a standout player.

For Tyson, the best part of playing football extends beyond touchdowns and victories—it's the camaraderie and friendships forged on the field. His fondest memory involves a challenging playoff match against Fort Saskatchewan. The intensity of that game made the victory feel like winning the Super Bowl, showcasing the emotional highs that football can bring.

Tyson's path to excellence comes with valuable lessons for aspiring football players. He emphasizes the importance of consistency in lifestyle and training, including maintaining a healthy diet, getting sufficient sleep, and prioritizing workouts. According to Tyson, these habits are crucial for those looking to excel in the sport and reach their full potential.

As he gears up for international competition in Florida with the Golden Bears Selects team, Tyson's story is one of continuous growth and achievement. Tyson's journey in football continues as he looks ahead to joining Salisbury Composite High School's football program next year. Salisbury Composite High, known for its commitment to excellence in sports, provides Tyson with an ideal platform to further develop his skills and make an even greater impact on the football scene.

The local football community eagerly awaits the next chapter in Tyson's promising career. Sherwood Heights congratulates Tyson on a great season and we look forward to cheering him on in the future!

Quinn Reiling

Quinn Reiling: A Rising BMX Champion Lighting Up The Track

When you think of a relentless spirit, unwavering determination, and admirable ambition, one name stands tall among all - Quinn Reiling, a Sherwood Heights Junior High student who has quickly emerged as a tour de force in the thrilling world of BMX racing.

Already crowned the Canadian National Champion, USA/Canada Champion, and Alberta BMX Champion, Quinn is an inspiration to Sherwood Heights students with her grit and incredible grace under pressure. Her exceptional performance at the Summer Games in Alberta, where she clinched gold, confirmed her standing as a driving force in the sport. But that was just the beginning of the journey for this vibrant young prodigy.

Quinn’s BMX prowess transcends national boundaries; she showcased her skills at the BMX Grands in Tulsa this week, the world's largest race. Competing against 3,000 racers from all around the globe, Quinn stood her ground and earned the respect of everyone there. Her performance placed her 13th overall in the 13 Expert Girls category, a significant honour amidst such a diverse pool of international competitors. In an exceptional display of performance and agility, Quinn battled riders from the United States, Canada, Columbia, France, and Australia, facing off against the best competitors in the world. Remarkably, Quinn was the only Canadian to reach the semis in this group, an accomplishment that firmly cements her as one of Canada's brightest stars in BMX racing.

At the heart of Quinn's success lies her undying passion for BMX, a sport that requires speed, nerve, precision, and immense physicality. Quinn started racing 9 years ago, following in the footsteps of her older brother. “My mom saw I was interested and put me on a strider bike and I loved it”, said Quinn about her start in the sport. Her favourite part of the races is the atmosphere and the adrenaline she feels in the race. “It’s so loud, with everyone cheering” Quinn says, “but once I put my helmet on, it gets really quiet and I just focus on the race”.

Quinn's journey is not just a story of a young girl navigating fiercely competitive BMX racing. It is an example of determination, resilience and sheer talent.

Quinn is just getting started, and as she finishes the season as one of the top racers in North America, her sights remain high. From the Canadian National Champ to the BMX tracks of Tulsa, Quinn rides on, fearlessly, with Sherwood Heights and Elk Island Public Schools cheering her on!