Logos Program

The Logos Christian Program is based on a traditional approach to instruction within a Christian environment grounded in Christian principles.  A teacher in this program will be expected to bring a Christian viewpoint to issues and topics from all curriculum areas.  The students take the same courses as the regular English Program.  This is a continuation from the programs at Westboro and Brentwood Elementary however, entry is open to new students. 

All students registered in the LOGOS program are required to fill out a Logos Commitment Form.  These forms are available at the school office or on our website under the documents tab.

Logos Mission Statement

That students, taught in a spiritually nurturing, intellectually challenging and disciplined environment, acquire the knowledge, attitudes, skills and training necessary to seek after "whatsoever things are true." That, sustained by Christ's teachings and God's love, students may develop binding commitments to their families, neighbours, country and the global community while leading moral, healthy and productive lives.                                    

For more information please visit Elk Island Logos Society website.