French Immersion

French Immersion Program

The aim of the French Immersion Program is functional bilingualism - excellent English skills and the ability to comfortably speak, read, and write in French.  The program also nurtures social, cultural and emotional development in students while they are gaining proficiency in both English and French.  The students take French Language Arts, English Language Arts, French Math, French Social Studies, French Science, and Physical Education plus two option courses.

The grade 7 program is the continuation of the grade 6 French Immersion Program at Campbelltown Elementary School and Heritage Hills Elementary School.  For grade 10, the French Immersion Program continues for our students at Ardrossan High School.

Please check out the following link to view information from our January 18, 2023 EIPS Secondary French Immersion Information Night

SWH French Immersion Brochure

SWH French Immersion Brochure

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French Immersion Flyer

To view the French Immersion flyer, please click here.

April 26, 2023 - The first National French Immersion Day

Today, April 26th, is the first National French Immersion Day. Here is a greeting from Justin Trudeau acknowledging the event and the importance of French Immersion for its contributions to the nation.

English and French versions of this greeting can be accessed here PDF.

More information about the events taking place across the country can be found through ACPI.