Student Services

Student Supports

We have a team of people at Sherwood Heights available to help students and families this year.

Jessica Moen is our Family School Liaison Worker (FSLW). She works with our SWH families and connects the school with community supports. Her office is located on the main floor across from Mr. Go’s classroom. She can be reached at

Chantal Harry is our Student Support for our IMPACT program but also provides counseling for students as needed in the building. Her office is located upstairs in the far north end of the school in the counseling office. She can be reached at

Taylor Burton is our Acting School Counselor and Assistant Principal. She provides counseling to SWH students and oversees the special education programming in the school. She is located in the main office and her office can be most easily accessed by using the door across from the vending machines. She can be reached at

Please click here for more valuable information regarding Student Supports here at Sherwood Heights.