What the RESET Room IS

What the RESET Room NOT
  • A coached process in a safe space
  • A punishment space
  • A place to deliver consequences
  • A space for students to re-write tests
  • An instructional environment (that may use materials in a playful way to promote regulation)
  • A therapy space (although supports including a Solutions Navigator for making vital community connections may be available)
  • A play area / a party room
  • Focused on regulation skills as a mental health strategy and as an essential academic foundation
  • A sensory room
  • A simple independent “calming space” or “chill-out” room
  • Informed by and evolving with data
  • An unsupervised, randomly used area without intentional documentation
  • Part of a school-wide comprehensive support system that begins in the classroom and hallways and extends, when needed, to the RESET Room
  • The only alternative for students who require support to regulate
  • A partnership between students, school administration, school staff, and parents
  • Imposed on any school setting