New to the Division?

2022-23 Registration

The new student registration process for all grade 1-12 students who will be joining Elk Island Public Schools for the first time in 2022-23 opened February 1, 2022. For tips on filling out the form, refer to How to Register a New Student.

2022-23 Option Course Registration

2022-23 Program Guide

Requesting to attend a non-designated school?

Students new to the Division enrolling in kindergarten to Grade 12 can request to attend a non-designated school by indicating their preference on the applicable New Student Registration Form. Acceptance is based on available space. Schools with closed boundaries will not accept registrations (kindergarten to Grade 12) from non-designated students.

Optimal Enrolment Limits & Closed Boundaries

In accordance with Administrative Procedure 305: School Attendance Areas and Requests to Attend Non-Designated Schools, schools in EIPS have established optimal enrolment limits (a pre-determined, maximum number of students that can be registered at a school) to ensure high-quality learning conditions. 

2022-23 Optimal Enrolment Limits and Closed Boundaries 

Schools that have not yet reached their optimal enrolment limits have space to register resident students from outside their designated attendance area. Schools where enrolment is projected to reach or exceed the optimal enrolment limit will have closed boundaries. A school with a closed boundary is one that does not have sufficient space to register any new non-designated students, and therefore will not consider requests to attend a non-designated school from resident or non-resident students.