Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence Program - Honours

Academic Excellence (Honours)

Grades 8 and 9

The Academic Excellence Program at Sherwood Heights is offered to students in grades 8 and 9. Opportunities are provided for students in the core classes which challenge and enrich their learning experiences. Students will be required to complete two special projects which broaden their exploration  of core subject material. The program and assessments follows the Alberta Education Programs of Study.  Current grade 7 or 8 students wishing to enroll in this program in grade 8 or 9 must meet minimum academic standards and apply through an application process on our website.  All applicants will be informed of acceptance by the end of May.

Students applying for Academic Excellence  must have a minimum 80% average in three out of the four core subjects based on cumulative work. (With minimum 70% or better in the 4th core.) Space in the program is limited to 30 students , and final selection will be based on student cumulative marks. Enrollment in the Sherwood Heights Academic Excellence Program requires students to routinely model positive behaviours, work habits, and to demonstrate reliable attendance. Depending on program demand, the actual mark cut off for acceptance may be higher than 80% in a given year.

You can access the 2019-2020 Application Forms on our Registration page.

Conditional acceptance will be determined in May. Students must maintain their honours standing on their final report card in June in order to remain in the program. All applicants will be informed as to whether or not they have been accepted into the program.

The program:

  • provides students with stimulating and motivating learning environments.
  • horizontally extends the regular curricular objectives with a focus on higher level reasoning, critical thinking skills, inquiry based learning, links to other disciplines, and optional subject matter.


For individuals wishing to enroll in this program an Academic Excellence application form must be submitted with the course registration.  Forms are available at the school office.