Online Learning

Welcome to Sherwood Heights Online Learning!

Hello Sherwood Heights Families,

It has been a busy and productive two weeks here at school as we prepare for the start of online learning here at Sherwood Heights.  Thank you so much for your patience as we cleared out lockers, loaned chromebooks, practiced our tech skills, and prepared lessons all while social distancing and learning "the new normal"!

On April 6th, we start a new chapter - here are the important documents that all families should review over the next week as we get ready to dive in!

And for parents that need an extra hand with Google Classroom:

As we move forward together - please do not hesitate to reach out to us for questions or support.  

Have a great Spring Break!

The Sherwood Heights Team

Strathcona County Supports

Frequently Asked Questions

We're going where we've never gone before!  As we transition to online learning - your feedback is very much appreciated. 

We'll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions here.  If you have more - please contact us!

Student Questions:

  • I'm getting TONS of notifications and emails from teachers through Google Classroom - make it stop!
    • During the last few weeks, teachers have been setting up Google Classrooms and posting some general materials to prepare for April 6th.  Once we start instruction after spring break, teachers will post their classroom material at 9:00 am each day. So this will slow down a little.
    • There will still be notifications!  Teachers do not have a way to turn them off, but you can.  Check out this video to see how:
    • If you have the Google Classroom App on your phone, you can also turn off notifications on your phone for this app as well.
  • Do I have to be on my computer all day long?
    • No!  One of the advantages to online school is that you can have some flexibility in your learning. You will get a post from each teacher at 9 am each school day and you can work on your work in any order, at any time. 
    • You may get some emails during the day - (especially if your notifications are on!) Set aside time to work on your class and check the classroom - it is all there.  You don't have to read every notification email.
    • However it is important to have a daily routine so you don't fall behind. Your daily Meetup with your teacher is a good time to touch base to ask questions about today's lesson - so we suggest that you access the daily post before the Meetup.  If you want to work on the assignment later in the day, you can!
  • Due dates are stressing me out!
    • Due dates in Google Classroom are your teacher's way of helping you not fall behind - we know that this is a big change for everyone, so just breathe and know that we will be kind and flexible with you.
  • I'm overwhelmed. 

Parent Questions:

  • I don't know how to help my child.
    • This is brand new for you as well.  Please encourage your child to reach out to their teacher for help, clarification, or support.
    • Teachers are also working in a new way and could use helpful feedback from students' and parents' perspectives.
  • How do I join my child's Google Classroom?
    • Parent's have two ways of keeping up with what's happening in Google Classroom:
      1. Asking your child to invite you as a parent/guardian.  They will need your personal email address to do this.
      2. Sign in as your child - using their EIPS email address and password.
    • There are step-by-step instructions for you to do this in our Parent's Guide to Google Docs.