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Year End

It is amazing that the end of the 2018-2019 year is approaching so quickly!  Here are the important need-to-know details as we race towards summer:

Athletic Awards

Please join us for Athletic Awards Night on Wednesday, June 12th to celebrate our 2018-2019 athletes. All students who represented Sherwood Heights on a school team this year are invited to attend along with their coaches, and parents or guardians. Individual team awards will be presented at this time. The event begins at 7:00 pm in the school gym. We hope you will be able to share in this special event with us.

Grade 9 Group Picture

The traditional Grade 9 group photo will be taken at 9:45 on June 13th.  Students will go to their regularly scheduled block 2 class.  Cougar wear and bright colours are encouraged!

Exam and Study Session Schedule

Our year end letter was sent to all families last week.  Included were details regarding Final Exams and PATs, Afternoon Study Sessions, National Indigenous Peoples Day and an important permission form if you wish to keep you child at home on the exam afternoons from June 24 - 27.

Final Exam Schedule

Locker Cleanout

Students will be removing all materials and supplies from their lockers with the exception of textbooks and binders by Friday, June 21st in block 6.

Students are encouraged to bring items home prior to the locker cleanout. Please remind students to bring a bag to carry belongings home on this day.

Students will be allowed to leave binders and textbooks only, as they will have access to the locker during exam week until Thursday, June 27th. Exams are completed for all students at 12:20pm on this day. Students will be asked to hand all locks in to their homeroom teacher at this time. Students will be able to leave jackets and textbooks in the homeroom during the lunch hour, please do not bring valuables to school during this time.

Final Exams and PATs

Final examinations for grade 7, 8 and 9 will happen from June 19 to 27. See the schedule above. Part A of the Grade 9 Math Provincial Achievement Test is on June 19 and French Language Arts exams for all grades are on June 20 – these are regular school days for all other students. For the final week of exams (June 24-27), students will arrive as per usual in the morning for class starting at 8:40am. They will return textbooks, ask any final questions and begin writing the exams around 9:40. All students will remain in the examination rooms until 11:00am. Students needing extra time will be accommodated. Once students have finished their exam, they will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities until lunch begins at 12:21.

Activities prior to lunch will be led by PE and other teachers. Lunch time will run as per normal. During our two afternoon periods, students will work with subject area teachers to actively review or quietly study for a subsequent exam.

Afternoon Study Sessions

Afternoon study sessions are a great way for students to complete final review and get support from
their teachers. If you choose for your child to be excused from school support and be under your care,
after the exams on June 24-27, complete the online google form that was sent to you on school messenger as soon as possible or print and sign the permission form - this will allow us to pre-plan for afternoon sessions.


If you have any questions - please do not hesitate to contact the school.  We are excited to end the year with Cougar Pride!

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