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The New Teen Trend: Juuling

Here’s what it is and how it works

A recent trend called “juuling” has come to our attention and we wanted to make you aware so you can discuss the issue with your child directly.

A Juul is a brand of electronic cigarette that looks like a USB drive—rather than the more familiar e-cigarette or vaping systems. The pods that are used for juuling contain a highly concentrated form of nicotine but because the vapour smells sweet or fruity, and as a result, you may not be aware when it’s in use. The size of the device also makes it difficult to detect.

Smoking and vaping in any form, including Juuls, are not permitted either in school or on school grounds (see “EIPS Administration Procedure 162 Smoke-Free Facilities” at Students who don’t respect the procedure risk facing disciplinary action at the school level.

More importantly, though, the inhalation of tobacco and other related substances poses a significant health risk for students and those around them. Nicotine and other carcinogens can impact student behaviour, concentration, memory and an ability to learn. Many of these products contain ingredients that are highly addictive and harmful to the long-term health and well-being of individuals, particularly young people.

Please consider talking with your child about the negative effects of smoking, vaping and using electronic cigarettes.

For more information, see this Global News segment:

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