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Here We Go!

Welcome back Sherwood Heights families to an interesting and exciting new year.  To all Grade 7 families - we're excited that you're with us!

A few important updates as we move into the first week of school.

  • First - please take a look at our Sherwood Heights Re-Entry GuideIt will give you some specifics of how we are proceeding with keeping students and families safe this school year.


  • Second – if you have not yet done so, please access the PowerSchool Parent Portal to complete the Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire Acknowledgement and Corrections Forms.


  • Third - Here are some important need-to-knows for the first week of school (September 1 – 4):

Orientation Days

  • Grade 9 Orientation Day – September 1
  • Grade 8 Orientation Day – September 2
  • Grade 7 Orientation Day – September 3
  • All students “Day 1” – September 4
  • For orientation days, students should bring:
    • two masks,
    • a filled water bottle,
    • one binder,
    • a pen or pencil,
    • and lunch.
  • Starting September 4, students should bring the rest of their school supplies, including all of the above.
  • Students will enter the FRONT doors on Orientation Day. Starting September 4th, students will be entering and exiting the building using Grade Specific doors.
  • Doors will be locked until 8:23 each morning, please do not send your child earlier than 8:23. Likewise, please have a plan for your child after 3:06 each day, since students will not be able to remain in the building after that time.


Orientation Activities

On orientation day, students will:

  • Receive their final timetable and homeroom assignment.
  • Meet their homeroom teacher and do a welcome activity.
  • Get their locker and textbooks.
  • Go through the SWH Re-Entry Plan.
  • Do a mini run-through of a typical day.
  • Spend time with their homeroom classmates.
  • Have regular lunch and free time. (Note, Sherwood Heights is an open campus school – students are free to leave the property during the lunch period.)

We're excited to see you! 

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