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Grade 9 Farewell Information

Dear Grade Nine families,

It is that time of year again to celebrate our grade nine students and bid them farewell from our school and to help them solidify fond memories of their time at Sherwood Heights.  To that end, we are planning that the afternoon following a Part B final exam our grade nine students would be invited back with their class cohort to take part in a ceremony in our gymnasium.  Only students would be permitted to attend this function along with their classroom teacher.  In following AHS and EIPS rules around COVID, spectators will not be allowed in the school.  Families will be able to observe the ceremony as we will set up a live stream of the event, which will be posted on the website for later viewing as well.

Please see the schedule below for each class ceremony.  We would ask that students arrive no more than five minutes early to the ceremony and enter through the exterior doors in the gym.  We will then have a ceremony involving a few speeches.  Students will walk across the stage and be presented with a certificate.  After the entire class has been presented with their certificates, they will exit the gym and meet you at your car, or they can walk home.

During the event pictures will also be taken of the class and individual students by Sherwood Height’s staff.  These pictures will be made available to the students.  We ask that you RSVP to the school with your intention to attend using this form no later than June 11.  By sending in your RSVP, you are indicating that you have given us the approval to take pictures, video tape and post this information on social media, so that we can share this special time with the families of our students.

If your child is currently in at home learning, they are welcome to attend a ceremony.  You must contact me directly by June 11 to make arrangements to attend one of our programs.

Please see the schedule of class ceremonies below - we look forward to celebrating our grade nine students.

Thank you,


Paul Pallister – Principal

Grade 9 Farewell Schedule

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