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EIPS Summer School Registration is Now Open

Registration for EIPS Summer School is now open! The Summer School program offers a number of senior high courses that allow students to earn credits, upgrade marks, lighten workloads for the year ahead or finish pre-requisite courses.


Registration is open to:
- current EIPS students (grades 9-12)
- students who will enter an EIPS high school for the 2023-2024 school year, as of Sept. 1, 2023. 

Pre-requisite course requirement: ​​In consultation with Alberta Education and senior administration at EIPS, if there is a pre-requisite course needed for the student’s summer class (for example, Social 20-1 to prepare for Social 30-1), that pre-requisite must have been successfully completed by June 25, 2023.  

NOTE: Students are only able to register in one course for summer school as all classes run at the same time.  The only exception is a student taking self-paced CALM 20, students could then register in one other course, or the classes are taught in different sessions. For example, taking CALM 20 in session 1 and Phys. Ed 10 in session 2.

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