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It's In Your Genes

Our Grade 9 Transitions Science classes have been working on a journey to investigate the effects that genes and genetic disorders have on people - and in some cases, themselves.  Each student investigated a genetic disorder - either common or rare, and presented it to their classmates.  Students were encouraged to find a disorder that had relevance to them. Projects ranged from Cystic Fibrosis to Tourette Syndrome to Cancer, and some students chose a very personal topic that they themselves are working to manage.

One example of this is Erin, who chose to research and speak on Dyslexia.  "Projects like this are really important to me because they give me a chance to tell my friends and other students about the disorder that I'm dealing with, but also my journey along the way to becoming successful."

Erin used cited research in her project to explain the origin, effects and symptoms of the condition - and added her personal story and experience to show the human side of Dyslexia. Erin continues to maintain an honours standing in her courses, which demonstrates both her resilience and the important family and educational supports that help her succeed.

The Transitions program at Sherwood Heights is one of those key supports for Erin and others in the school who, despite being of average to above average ability, are experiencing delays in one or more subject areas due to a diagnosed with a learning disorder.  For more information on the Transitions Program, please visit our program page.


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Mrs. Shiloff


Erin, I am so proud of how much you have accomplished. Keep up the great work. You'e a perfect example of Cougar P.R.I.D.E.