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Mr. Armin Gottstein

Construction and Science Teacher

What are you currently learning?

The learning never stops! I'm constantly trying to learn new things. During basketball season the focus is always on becoming a better coach, and even as I get a older, a better player. Basketball is one of my passions, but in reality I learn news things almost everyday as life is ever changing.

What book are you reading right now?

Boys Among Men by Jonathan Abrams

What is one of your favorite words in the acronym PRIDE - and why is it important to you?

Perseverance - Everyone will eventually find themselves facing difficult situations in their life, whether at school, work, or during their everyday lives. Persevering during those difficult times, focusing on the positives and using those experiences to learn from is what makes a person stronger and allows a person grow.

What School Goal most resonates with you?

Students are engaged, active and positive citizens who exemplify Cougar PRIDE.