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Mr. Randy Bouwers

Science Teacher; Science Department Head

What are you currently learning?

I am learning that research in Science keeps expanding rapidly and with it there are almost always controversial issues associated with it. Whether it is artificial intelligence, altering genes to try and combat disease , or developing new medicines to treat diseases, there are always more than one opinion about the right way to go about it.

What book are you reading right now?

The Power of Night by Chris Walley (science fiction)

What is one of your favorite words in the acronym PRIDE - and why is it important to you?

Respect is my favorite word in our PRIDE acronym because I believe everyone deserves it. Nobody should have to earn my respect. I am going to give them respect because they are valuable human beings and worthy of good treatment. Even though respect for a person can be lost I can still treat them with respect

What School Goal most resonates with you?

Students are engaged, active and positive citizens who exemplify Cougar PRIDE. I especially like the first goal because it is what I try to instill in students every day. Be actively engaged in what you are learning and show pride by being a positive presence in the classroom and a help to others in the community.